Best Jeep Tailgate Table: Consider These 5 Great Options

best jeep tailgate table

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One of the best things about driving a Jeep Wrangler is that you can get to places that others cannot. Ever considered having a picnic in the middle of the Redwood forest in Northern California? Now you can! Before you go, remember to pick up and install a table onto your Jeep’s tailgate to ensure an extra convenient picnic lunch.

The best Jeep Tailgate Table that I have come across so far is the Mopar Tailgate table. It is made of high-quality steel, is affordable, and comes with a great Mopar warranty!

Maybe Mopar isn’t your jam, and that is just fine! Everyone has their preferences, which is why I dive into why I think the Mopar table is the best overall but also cover some other great options that are available to pick from! Read on to find out what tailgate table is best for your Jeep!

In A Hurry? Here Are My Top 3 Picks...

Cutting Board
2. TeraFlex Tailgate Table
2. TeraFlex Tailgate Table
  • Includes cutting board
  • Supports up to 75lbs
  • Cutting board included
  • Garage bag hooks
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Best Overall
1. Mopar Tailgate Table
1. Mopar Tailgate Table
  • Handles heavy loads
  • 20-30 min installation
  • Parts warranty
  • Accessory options
  • Build to last
No Drill Option
3. Bestop RoughRider Tailgate Shelf
3. Bestop RoughRider Tailgate Shelf
  • No drilling required
  • Press and release option
  • No rattling noise
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight and reliable

5 Best Jeep Tailgate Tables You Can Buy

1. Mopar JL Jeep Tailgate Table (Best Overall)

Mopar Tailgate Table For Jeeps
9.2/10 Our Score
  • Simple + Easy Install (20-30 minutes)
  • Convenient Slots for Accessories and Drinks
  • Lightweight Design (10.4 lbs) for low stress on the Tailgate
  • Mopar Parts Warranty
  • Long-lasting design
  • Can handle heavy loads
  • Long Backorder Times
  • Lower Capacity than Competitors 

Not only is the Mopar JL Jeep tailgate Table one of the best, but it can also handle heavier loads, which is perfect for your off-road adventures.

I know that Mopar parts can get a bad rep sometimes, but this Tailgate Table is hands down one of the best Mopar products I have purchased. 

It’s constructed from powder-coated steel that is durable and long-lasting. The Chrysler rep said it is only rated for 25 pounds but I have used it for at least double that weight without issue. The installation was pretty easy with only a few spots to drill, it took a total of 25 minutes. 

The precut slots are useful for hanging all my cooking utensils and there are two handy cup holders as well! 

If you are looking for an affordable tailgate table that can be serviced at the dealer, this is definitely the right one for you!

Depending on what you want to use it for though, its capacity might have you looking for something that can handle a little bit more weight.

2. Teraflex Multipurpose Tailgate Table for JK (Includes Cutting Board)

TeraFlex Multi-Purpose Tailgate Table
8.9/10 Our Score
  • Supports up to 75 lbs
  • Comes with Cutting Board
  • Includes bottle opener
  • Has garbage bag hooks
  • Useful Slotted Design to Hold Accessories
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • More Expensive than other Tailgate Tables
  • Install Instructions Not Perfect

The Teraflex Taigate Table is the perfect Jeep accessory for  picnics and parties. The reason? It includes additional accessories such as a bottle opener.

There aren’t many options out there for Jeep tailgates that have a pre-slotted design for a cutting board, but Teraflex did a great job with this design! 

Once drilled and installed (this took over an hour), this table can support a solid 75 lbs and comes with plenty of utility. Like its competitors, it has a useful slotted design that also includes a bottle opener and garbage bag hooks (great for tailgate picnics!) as well as space for hanging any tools or utensils that you are using! 

Also, being able to slide the cutting board in and out is very handy for extra usable space and cleaning! 

If that isn’t enough for you, Teraflex also has a limited lifetime warranty on this, so if you have any problems with it, they got you covered! The cost is a little more than the average tailgate table and the quality of the design matches it, I don’t think you will run into any issues (aside from human error!).

3. Bestop Roughrider Tailgate Shelf (No Drill Option)

Bestop RoughRider Tailgate Shelf
8.7/10 Our Score
  • No Drilling Into The Tailgate
  • Quick and Simple Install
  • Press And Release Latch
  • No Rattle On The Trail!
  • Lightweight design
  • Effortless install
  • Not Good for Cooking On
  • Low Weight Capacity Compared to Steel

I don’t recommend the Bestop Roughrider for food and drinks, as it’s relatively lightweight. However, it works great for holding tools and small pieces of equipment.

A big concern that many people have is drilling into their tailgate. Whenever you have to alter the factory components it can seem a little iffy, and the concern is whether it will devalue your Jeep. 

If that is something you are concerned about, then this Tailgate shelf by Bestop is a great option! It is lightweight and has a great shelf for holding materials, tools, and toys! With it being made of Polymer, I do not recommend cooking or preparing any food on it. 

The install was quick and painless, I took a moment to make sure it was extra secure before testing it out since it isn’t bolted into the frame of the tailgate. Once it was installed, opening it just involved pressing the release on the latch, and… voila! 

There is also little to no rattle at all from it, which surprised me after taking it on the trail! 

Overall I am impressed with it, but if I planned to have a picnic I would go with something a little more robust!

4. EAG Metal Tailgate Table (Best For Weight Capacity)

EAG Metal Tailgate Table
8.5/10 Our Score
  • Can hold up to 100lbs
  • High-Quality Steel Construction
  • Powdercoat Finish
  • Slotted Table Design
  • Minimum trunk space
  • Option for accessories
  • Requires a Metric Nutsert Tool
  • Longer Install Than Competitors Products

Similar to the Mopar Tailgate Table, this one can also handle heavier loads. It’s also relatively compact when stored away.

This EAG Metal Table is heavy-duty and a bit heavier than some of the other Tailgate tables on the market, weighing over 15lbs (they weigh between 10-20lbs normally). But with a heavy-duty table comes the higher weight capacity that is required sometimes, like when you are working with several tools or placing a heavy water jug on it. 

It takes up little space inside the cab when stored away which is a convenient touch. The slotted design is very usable when cooking on the tailgate, hanging your utensils, or putting drinks in the cup holder. Compared to the others that I have installed, the metric hardware was a bit of an annoyance, but if you already have the tools for it then it won’t be a big deal!

All in all, it’s a good table and I would recommend it to someone looking for a table that is very durable and can handle a lot of weight!

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5. CheroCar Foldable Tailgate Table (Best Budget Pick)

CheroCar for Jeep JK Tailgate Table
8.5/10 Our Score
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Easy Installation
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Handles weight up to 75lbs
  • Relatively large size
  • Takes Up More Space in The Trunk
  • Some Customers Have Received no Hardware or Instructions

Even though this tailgate table is lightweight, it can still hold relatively heavy loads. In addition, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!

If you don’t want to come up with your own design to cut costs, this tailgate table by CheroCar is a great choice. This table is made of quality materials and is held in high regard.

I did receive instructions and all the hardware required for the installation (which does require some minor drilling like other kits) and had no issues with installing it on my Jeep.

When I first got the box in the mail, I was very concerned by how light the box was since the shelf weighs under 5lbs. I figured it wouldn’t be able to handle as much weight as some of the other tables I have trialed, but it stayed strong with weight up to 75 lbs. 

It also boasts a slightly larger table than most of the others that are available at 25” x 13.5”

With a 30-Day money-back guarantee, this shelf is a no-brainer if you are looking for a deal! 

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A Guide To Choosing The Best Jeep Tailgate Tables

Installation Time & Difficulty

Install time is going to differ depending on the type of kit that you get. No drilling kits will take 20-30 minutes, same with the kits that utilize the factory hardware (replacing the plastic cover on the tailgate). 

The kits requiring drilling will take upwards of 1-2 hours depending on personal skill level. Aside from drilling some holes into the tailgate, there aren’t any major modifications that need to be made making this a fairly simple job. Anyone willing to read the instructions and follow the steps will be able to install a tailgate table onto their Jeep!

Rattle Noise When Driving

There are reviews on most quality tailgate tables that mention some sort of rattle noise when they are driving on the trail. Odds are that they don’t have their table secured well enough to the tailgate and need to tighten up their installation job.

A jeep driving on the trail

Lower quality kits are more prone to causing this, even when installed correctly.

If you are getting a rattle noise from your table, go over all your fittings and make sure they are all tightened properly to ensure a snug fit.


No matter what anyone says, size matters! 

When looking at tailgate tables I make sure to check if it is meant to be installed on my style of a jeep. On Amazon, you can input your vehicle to double-check whether that part is meant for your Jeep or not. Each Jeep style has a different size of a tailgate, I recommend measuring your tailgate to ensure you are getting the right size for you! 

The tailgate tables come in various platform sizes, from 12” deep to 25+” deep, all with different uses in mind!


There are several different styles of tailgate tables out there for Jeeps, all ranging in quality and price. The designs and usability of them all are slightly different from one another and it will come down to what is it going to be used for, and how nice of a table you want! 

If you aren’t sure of those two things but know you want to get one installed, I would recommend you purchase and install the Mopar Tailgate Tables, they are in my opinion the best Jeep tailgate tables you can purchase.

Now go hit the trail and share with me how your Jeep tailgate install turned out!

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