Best Jeep Liberty Lift Kit For A Bad*** Rig: 5 Options Compared

best jeep liberty lift kit

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If you want a vehicle that will ease your way into the 4×4 scene without being TOO expensive, then a Jeep Liberty is a great vehicle choice!

They aren’t too pricey to buy, are fairly simple to work on, and are a great starter vehicle for anyone wanting to hit some trails! To do that, you likely need to get some bigger tires on so we need to find the Best Jeep Liberty Lift Kit to suit your needs!

I’ve been modifying Jeeps for a while now and I love having a project vehicle on the go! A Jeep Liberty is a fine family vehicle that can easily be turned into your weekend 4×4 when it’s time to upgrade to something else!

The best lift kit for a Jeep Liberty would have to be the 2.5” Rough Country Full Lift Kit! It’s fairly priced, simple to install for anyone mechanically inclined and keeps the factory ride which is already really good!

In this article, I go over my top 5 lift kits for a Jeep Liberty, different styles and sizes, and what the pros and cons of each are. At the end, I also cover the basics of what each style of suspension kit is and what to watch out for!

My Top 3 Jeep Liberty Lift Kits In 2022

KK Body Lift Kit
2. Supreme Suspensions 08-12 Lift Kit
2. Supreme Suspensions 08-12 Lift Kit
  • Provides 2.5” Front Lift
  • Provides 2” Rear Lift
  • DIY Installation
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Increased Clearance
Best For KK
1. Rough Country Full Lift Kit
1. Rough Country Full Lift Kit
  • Increases Stability And Performance
  • Preloaded Coil for No-Fuss Installation
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • Powder Coated Finish
  • Easy Bolt-On Installation
Best Spacer Lift Kit
3. 2.5” Daystar Lift Kit
3. 2.5” Daystar Lift Kit
  • Raises Front And Rear
  • Quick Install for the Mechanically Inclined
  • Budget-friendly
  • High-Density Polyurethane
  • Improves Ground Clearance

5 Best Jeep Liberty Lift Kits (From Best To Worst)

1. 2.5” Rough Country Full Lift Kit (Best Overall for KK)

Best For KK
Rough Country Full Lift Kit
9.6/10 Our Score
  • Increases Stability And Performance
  • Preloaded Coil for No-Fuss Installation
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • Powder Coated Finish
  • Easy Bolt-On Installation
  • Maintains Factory-Like Ride
  • Not budget-friendly
  • Only for 4WD Models

This Rough Country lift kit keeps the smooth factory ride but with a way better ride height.  Tackle the off-road scene with ease once installed!

After reading some of my posts you have likely read a few things about how great Rough Country products are, like when I was talking about Lift Kits for Gladiators.

Rough Country has been around for a while and this kit proves again just how well-made their products are. Backed by a 3-Year limited warranty (which is excellent on a lift kit) this kit completely replaces the factory suspension with new springs, shock absorbers, and nitrogen-gas-fired pistons. 

If you are looking to take your Liberty off-road, then this is the kit you want to install on it. Your suspension is protected with a silver powder-coated finish ensuring a longer lifespan of the parts.

And if you are worried about installing this kit by yourself, so long as you have basic knowledge on your vehicle and the tools to do it you have nothing to worry about!

The installation instructions are top-notch and will have you driving it again within a few hours (2-3 should do the trick!).

2. Supreme Suspensions Liberty 08-12 Lift Kit (Best Liberty KK Body Lift Kit)

Best KK Body Lift Kit
Supreme Suspensions Liberty Lift Kit
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Provides 2.5” Front Lift
  • Provides 2” Rear Lift
  • DIY Installation
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Increased Clearance for Bigger Tires
  • Powdercoated for Longevity
  • Need Alignment After Install
  • Needs QC for Parts Shipment

Supreme Suspensions Front and Rear Lift Kit for the 08-12 Models is the simplest install on the Market! Get this kit installed in under 3 hours and hit the trail!

The kits by Supreme Suspensions have gotten better and better as the years go on. This kit by them is a great fit on the 08-12 Jeep Liberty models.

The instructions sent for this product are significantly better than the Daystar lift kits instructions, giving the average joe a chance at installing this correctly!

Once installed and checked over, this kit gives a 2.5” lift to the front and 2” left to the rear. This provides plenty of ground and wheel well clearance for putting on bigger tires!

The spacers provided are powder-coated, giving a protective layer to parts that are usually caked in mud and dirt. 

If you are looking for a way to get some bigger tires with this machine then there isn’t a better option to use to get that needed height. Supreme has excellent customer support and will ensure a positive experience with their products!

Once installed, make sure you get a wheel alignment done to make any corrections needed now that your Jeep’s center of gravity has shifted!

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3. 2.5” Daystar Lift Kit Jeep Liberty KJ 02-07 (Best Spacer Lift Kit for KJ)

Daystar Lift Kit Jeep Liberty KJ
9.3/10 Our Score
  • Raises Front And Rear
  • Quick Install for the Mechanically Inclined
  • Budget-friendly
  • High-Density Polyurethane
  • Improves Ground Clearance
  • Works on 2WD & 4WD Models
  • Poor Installation Instructions
  • It may require extra parts to fit properly

This Daystar lift kit gives the perfect amount of added clearance for a Jeep Liberty. It allows it to become an off-road-friendly machine for a cheap price!

The Daystar 2.5” lift adds a perfect amount of height to the Jeep Liberty, allowing someone to put slightly larger tires on for off-roading or an aggressive look!

I have installed a few lifts into Jeeps in the past, so putting this on the Liberty was pretty straightforward. Although, I have heard that for anyone who hasn’t done any work like this it was a bit of a pain.

Overall, this kit doesn’t break the bank and is made from dense Polyurethane which is a long-lasting material without issues. This lift is also usable on both 2WD and 4WD models!

We get much-needed ground clearance with this kit and the ability to put on some larger tires with off-roading potential! If you are unsure whether to lift a Jeep, check out the before and afters of this kit being installed and see the difference for yourself!

One peeve I had with this kit is that the instructions that were sent are fairly poor and hard to understand – like putting together Ikea furniture!

Similar Product: Heavy Metal Suspensions KJ

4. Skyjacker 3.5” Suspension Lift Kit (Best 3.5” Lift)

Skyjacker 3.5” Suspension Lift Kit
9.2/10 Our Score
  • Includes Performance Shocks
  • Largest Lift Kit For Liberty
  • Has Front & Rear Bump Stops
  • Gives Huge Clearance
  • Replaces Front Struts
  • Lots of R&D Time For This Kit
  • Most Expensive Lift Kit
  • Harder for Layman to Install

If you want a HUGE lift for your Liberty, Skyjacker has got you covered. With M95 Performance Shocks to keep a smooth ride in your off-roader!

Well known in the Jeep community, Skyjacker makes some of the biggest and baddest lift kits for all kinds of vehicles.

This kit includes parts to completely replace your front and rear suspension systems. Replacing the shocks with M95 Performance shocks!

It also replaces the front and rear struts and coil springs! And to prevent it from receiving any damage while out on the trail, there are bump stops for the front and rear as well!

This kit comes as a full package, not just simply adding some spacers and relying on the factory equipment to take on the new forces that they were not designed for.

Being the largest kit that can be installed on this vehicle, it also opens up the possibility for even larger wheels and tires giving your Liberty a very unique look!

Up to this point, you were probably wondering

Are lift kits expensive?” 

And depending on the style of kit, yes they are. With that, the downside to this kit is the cost of it. 

But if you are wanting to extremely lift it then do it right! 

Similar Product: Skyjacker With Nitro Shocks

5. Revtek 2” Lift Kit (Best 2” Lift)

Revtek 2” Lift Kit
9/10 Our Score
  • 2” Gains in the Front
  • Uses Factory Shocks
  • No Cutting or Welding for Install
  • Billet Aircraft Aluminum
  • Usable with OEM suspension geometry
  • Improves Clearance
  • Don’t Improve Performance
  • Expensive for Small Gains

Revtek made this kit to be a simple upgrade for your Liberty. Get the clearance you need without hurting your OEM parts!

If you are looking for just a small lift kit to install on your Jeep Liberty, the Revtek Spacer Kit is a good option to pick up!

The price for two inches in the front is fairly expensive considering the other kits on this list.

However, if you are only looking to level out your ride and gain a little bit of height, this will do the trick!

This Revtek kit utilizes the factory shocks and struts, so when the spacers are installed the ride will feel a little wobbly. You will need to make sure you do a wheel alignment after putting these in.

While the factory suspension stays intact this allows the spacers to be feasible with the OEM suspension geometry. This means that it will work within the parameters the vehicle was created for while giving you a better ride height!

Since you aren’t replacing the shocks and other components, the installation is very quick, only taking 2 hours to install. There is no cutting or welding required which many kits do not point out in their instructions but do require halfway through the installation.

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Lift Kits For Your Jeep Liberty: An Expert Buyers Guide

The Height

Your ride height is measured from the hub to the bottom of the fender flare. When you put in a lift, it’s increasing the distance between these two parts of the vehicle. 

A higher lift gives more clearance, allowing for bigger tires and more off-road-ability. It sacrifices traction, control and fuel economy.

A smaller lift gives a bit more clearance and typically is achieved through a leveling kit. Not sacrificing the original ride.

Ease Of Installation

Some lift kits are easier to install than others. A full spring and coil replacement kit will be much harder to do yourself vs just installing some spacers to gain a bit more lift. 

If you are considering getting a large lift done, an off-road shop like 4wheelparts can install it for you to make sure it is done properly and will cause no harm. 

If you have little experience installing something like this, definitely get a professional to do it for you!

Material Strength

You want to have quality materials for the parts that make up your suspension. This is what makes your ride smooth.

Many of the spacer kits are made from durable polyurethane which is a long-lasting material. 

These components are in constant use and will have lots of wear and tear on them, you want to make sure they are made from something very durable and can take a beating.

Weight Resilience

The weight of your vehicle will impact how effective your lift is. A heavier ride will cause the springs to sag and not give as much clearance compared to a lighter vehicle. 

A heavier vehicle would do better with a spacer kit that only gives a smaller clearance while utilizing the factory components.

Different Types Of Lift Kits

Leveling Kit

A leveling kit includes parts to increase the lift in the front to match the factory lift in the back of the vehicle. These kits are designed to change by 2” at the maximum.

Body Lift Kits

A body lift kit is used to raise the frame of the vehicle while keeping the suspension components at their original size. This is achieved by installing spacers to raise the frame slightly.

These are used as a cheaper alternative to suspension lift kits in order to get a larger tire clearance while keeping the ride similar to stock.

Suspension Lift Kit

Suspension lift kits replace all the stock suspension components such as the struts, shocks and pistons. This changes the suspension height and can give the largest overall lift to a vehicle. 

By changing the suspension, it can dramatically alter the way a vehicle drives.


Does Lifting A Jeep Cause Problems?

Depending on the type of lift you install and the kind of driving you use your Jeep for, yes it can cause problems.

When your vehicle is lifted, it puts more pressure on the axles which can cause some of those components to wear out faster.

What Kind Of Suspension Does A Jeep Liberty Have?

The front and rear suspensions on a Jeep Liberty utilize coil springs. The technical term for the front is an a-arm/wishbone IFS and for the rear suspension it is called a live tri-link trailing arm solid axle.

Does a Jeep Liberty Have Struts Or Shocks?

Jeep Liberty’s have struts instead of shocks. 


Now that you know the basics about lift kits and have some ideas of what you should look for in a good kit. I would recommend giving your Liberty a lift with the 2.5” Rough Country Lift Kit unless you need to go a little taller than what it supplies!

If you are trying to find out what your next Jeep vehicle will be, you should look into both Jeep Renegade Lift Kits and the Best Cherokee Lift Kits as well! They are slightly smaller than the Liberty but are much newer vehicles than it!

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