How Long Do Jeep Tires Last: All Terrain, Mud Tires, & More

how long do jeep tires last

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Now that you have purchased a Jeep you might be wondering how long do Jeep tires last and when will you need to replace the factory set.

Depending on the type of tire, Jeep tires last between 40,000-60,000 miles before they need to be replaced!

I bought new tires for my Jeeps long before the factory tires needed to be replaced. And I expect that if you are here, you are probably going to do the same as me! 

Below I cover the different types of tires to pick from, the pros and cons for each, and how long they all last on average.

By the end of this article, you will be able to make an informed choice on your next Jeep tires.

How Often Do You Change Tires In A Jeep?

On average, Jeep tires will be changed out every 3 to 5 years based on how the average person drives.

Different types of tires will wear faster depending on the type of road conditions they are driven on. For example, Mud Terrain tires wear out faster when driven on pavement.

The Different Types Of Jeep Tires (And How Long They Last!)

All Terrain Tires

All-terrain tires are built with an open-tread design that is great for off-road conditions while also having some of the good handling qualities of street tires. I would consider these an in-between from mud terrain tires and all season tires.

They are multi-seasonal tires that will perform well all year and give you the rugged durability to be a weekend warrior in your Jeep!

all terrain tires

A/T tires have a bit more road noise and are less fuel-efficient than what all-season tires would provide someone just doing pavement driving

The average all-terrain tire lifespan is 40,000 miles. The average person puts on about 12,000 miles a year. Every 3-4 years you would be considering getting replacement tires!

Mud Terrain Tires

There is a large variation in how long Mud Terrains last. Some companies claim up to 60,000 miles but that is based on them being mainly used for off-roading purposes. 

Mud Terrain tires are the epidemy of off-roading tires that any serious 4×4 driver will put on their rig. These tires have aggressive tread designs to maximize traction and flush out mud from within the treads while driving.

mud terrain tires

They are noisy on the pavement and tend to be fairly heavy which really kills any kind of fuel economy. These tires wear quickly on pavement, so they aren’t recommended as a daily driving tire! 

These tires are usually bigger than the average tire and give your Jeep a distinctive look along with some great looking rims!

The average mud tire (so long as they are driven mainly off-road) boasts an average tire life of 40,000 miles.

All Season Tires

These are the tires you see on the majority of vehicles driving around.

They don’t have very aggressive treads and are meant to be driven mainly during Spring, Summer, and Fall. 

These are the most economic tires for pavement driving, providing solid performance for dry pavement conditions. While driving, they don’t have a lot of road noise and are the most fuel-efficient tires to drive on.

They don’t provide much traction in off-road conditions such as mud and snow. This is why many people will have two sets of tires; Summers and Winters.

all season tires

That likely has you wondering just how much are Jeep tires if you are going to need two sets! 

With two economical sets of tires on a Jeep, you are looking at $1500-$2000 to have two sets of tires for your Jeep!

All-season tires on average last 50,000 miles, but many brands claim to last much longer than this!

Sand Tires

Sand tires aren’t as common as the rest of the tires we are covering. They are much more situational to the kind of sand you will be driving through. They are also commonly referred to as ‘Paddle Tires’.

Tall (large diameter) and skinny tires work well to get past the soft sand and drive on the harder compact sand underneath. 

Tall and wide tires are used to try and keep your wheels on top of the sand rather than digging in deep like skinnier tires.

They have bias-ply treads which means one side is smoother than the other. This allows the sides that are angled together to get traction, while the smooth part allows water to slide off the tires to prevent getting stuck in the sand.

These tires will last a long time, as long as they are driven 95% of the time on sand.

Highway Tires

Similar to all-season tires, highway tires are designed for pavement driving. They are made with specially designed tread patterns to dissipate heat and reduce road noise. 

These tires have enhanced traction on wet roads, and are more fuel-efficient than all-seasons! They have good handling on paved surfaces, but as soon as you go off-road they have no traction. 

And while all season tires are passable in winter conditions, highway tires have zero traction on snowy and icy roads.

These tires have a similar lifespan to all-season tires averaging at the 50,000-mile mark. This means you will be replacing them every 4-5 years (since you will not be using them in the wintertime!).

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Jeep Tires

Your Tires Fail The Penny Test

The simplest way to check tire tread life is to take a penny and set it in the tire groove with Lincoln’s head down. 

If you can see the top of the head, then your tires failed the penny test and is a sign you need new tires.

Can See The Tread Wear Indicator Bars

Many manufacturers include what they call tread indicator bars on the tires. They are usually small rubber squares on the treads of your tires, and when they are flush with the level of your tread you need to get replacement tires!

Tires Are Over 10 Years Old

Plenty of tire manufacturers share that their tires will last for 10 years, and to replace them at that point if not sooner. They do not last and keep forever, so it is better to be on the safe side and have some quality tires on your Jeep!


Are Jeep Tires Durable?

The factory Jeep tires are as durable as competitor vehicle tires are. They tend to wear faster than other vehicle’s tires, though, since most Jeeps (Jeep Wranglers in particular) are taken off-road more than any other vehicle on the market. This causes more wear and tear on the tires than what other vehicles go through.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Jeep Tires?

Like I mentioned earlier, many Jeep owners will have more than one set of tires for their ride. In another article, I did a deep dive on how much Jeep tires cost.

Depending on the type of tire and the quality you are looking to get. A set of tires can range from $600 up to $4000+.

In Summary

There are plenty of Jeep tire options that you will need to consider before picking up your next set of tires. 

I covered what each type of tire you might be looking at is and how to tell if they need to be replaced. Now that you are armed with this information you can make a clear decision on the type of tires you need for your next set!

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