How Much Are Lift Kit For Jeeps: According To An Expert

how much are lift kits for jeeps

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Buying your first Jeep is an exciting experience, brand new or regularly abused it doesn’t matter.

Either way, once the Jeep modification bug gets you, it can get expensive!

One of the first things new Jeep owners look up is how much are lift kits for Jeeps?

The price of lift kits for Jeeps varies from your make and model, the size of lift you are installing, and whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a pro to do it! 

That cost can be anywhere from $300-$5000+ 

Wow! Sounds like a lot right?

I’ve been around the Jeep scene for a while and wanted to share some information on how to differentiate styles of kits and what each is good for.

I also share the pros of installing yourself or getting a professional to do it! 

By the end of the article, you will have a much clearer idea of how expensive your lift kit will be!

The Price Of Jeep Lift Kits

The price of Jeep lift kits varies greatly regarding what the purpose of lifting a Jeep is for you!

Leveling and Spacer Lift kits come with fewer components and are simpler to install by design.

A common price range for this style of kit is $200-$500 depending on what vehicle it is for and the quality of the kit.

The cost to have one of these kits installed for you averages around $300 being more or less expensive depending on what the kit requires for installation.

a white jeep that has been lifted

Suspension lift kits replace major components such as shocks, struts, coil springs, etc.

These kits range widely in price, ranging from $1000-$3000 (or even more) depending on the size of lift being added and what is supplied in the lift kit.

One of these kits can easily cost around $2000 to install. The cost depends on how labor-intensive the kit is to install and the shop rate of the business!

Should You Get An Expert To Lift Your Jeep?

In my experience, installing a lift kit can be a big procedure that might span over a couple of days depending on your mechanical experience and access to tools.

I have personally opted for getting a professional mechanic to install my lift kits since it’s the lifeblood of a good 4×4. 

The major PROS of installing it yourself; cuts down on the labor cost of installing it.

If you are able to install a large lift kit yourself, you’ll be saving thousands of dollars.

If you have done the install, when something goes wrong with the suspension, you know how to take it apart and put it back together!


nuts and bolts

That is an integral skill to have when off the beaten track.

And lastly, I have never met a Jeep enthusiast who doesn’t know exactly what is modified on his rig.

The major PROS of hiring an expert is that you know the job was done properly.

The mechanics who install these things have the necessary tools to make for a smooth installation and will be able to inform you of what alterations they made.

Plus having someone else do it means your garage stays project free and uncluttered (I’m sure you’ve never had a project take longer than you meant it too…).

DIY BenefitsHiring A Professional
Save On Labor CostsDone Properly
Know Exactly What Was ModifiedDoesn’t Sit In Your Garage
Know How To Fix ItThey Have The Necessary Tools

Why You Shouldn’t Choose Cheap Lift Kits

They Will Wear Faster

Cheaper kits are typically made from weaker components that wear out quicker.

And are also backed by a poor warranty or no warranty at all. In the end, you’ll have more downtime and expenses than if you chalked up the cash to get a good quality kit!

Popped Driveshafts

Cheap lift kits end up leaving your suspension system poorly aligned which overworks your driveshaft.

When you hit a large enough bump, climb a large rock, or something similar your driveshaft might pop out of alignment which can cause major damage to your Transfercase and Transmission. 

It can cost thousands to repair those damages!

Here’s How To Choose An Affordable Lift Kit

When looking at lift kits, aside from the information I provide in my articles below, do your due diligence and research them!

There is incredible information in numerous Jeep forums and other Jeep enthusiasts with decades of experience who are willing to help a noobie out!

Regardless of the style of kit, you are buying (leveling, spacer, or suspension lift) look for trusted off-road companies such as Rough Country, Pro Comp, TeraFlex, ReadyLift and Skyjacker to name a few. 

a customized jeep wrangler

In the forums, you can get advice on your specific make and model from Jeep owners who have been there and done that before you!

But if you don’t want to waste time searching through forums…

Here are my guides on picking the best lift kits for a few different Jeep vehicles!

  • Best jeep cherokee lift kit
  • Best jeep liberty lift kit
  • Best jeep renegade lift kit 
  • Best jeep gladiator lift kit

Final Word

Lift kits for Jeeps largely vary in price depending on what you plan on using your vehicle for and the style of vehicle it is.

A Wrangler is more likely to be lifted than a Compass and the types of lifts compatible with both will be drastically different.

Always do your due diligence research on any Lift Kits you plan on purchasing. If you want some more guidance, be sure to check out my guides I linked to above!

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