Jeep License Plate Ideas: How To Stand Out When Off-Roading

jeep license plate ideas

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I have seen my fair share of very silly license plates over the years and I am sure you have too. They range from something very crude like FCKYOU or incredibly tame like BANANAS. And I think I have considered getting my own custom plate as well so I went searching for Jeep license plate ideas and found a few really good ones!

My favorite idea for a Jeep license plate is OIIIIIIO because it looks like the classic front grill on a Jeep. I just think that would be so cool! Unfortunately, someone already has it in my state.

I’m considering moving states just to get that plate…

While searching for plate ideas I found out how expensive vanity plates are, how to search your ideas up, and talk about the pros and cons of having an awesome vanity plate. So I decided it was a good idea to share that with others that think like me!

Great minds think alike, right?


Is A Custom License Plate Right For You?

You might think that a vanity plate is a little over the top but maybe you’ll reconsider after these next points!

Helps Your Jeep Stand Out

Jeeps are the type of vehicles that stand out in a parking lot. From all the modifications, stickers, and bigger tires, we love to have an eye-catching ride. If you are nodding your head, agreeing with that statement, then you would agree that having a unique license plate will help your Jeep stand out!

Increases In Value Over Time

A vanity plate might add a ton of character to your ride, getting the same characters as the model or a nickname your Jeep might have.

A lot of the value is dependent on future buyers and what they value in the Jeep. The Jeep community has a semi-cultish following which could be to your benefit if you are active in that community. It could add a ton of value by having a recognizable license plate like this: RUBICON.

money increasing over time

The state of Texas is known to auction off unique and rare plates for hundreds and thousands of dollars as well!

If you are curious how the value of your Jeep holds up, I wrote a post explaining how Jeeps hold their value over time!

Shows Your Personality

Adding decals or a unique paint job to your Jeep adds flare, it showcases what kind of ride you have. By having a plate number such as MOAB or WILDRIDE you will attract like-minded Jeep enthusiasts!

It’s a conversation starter that will help introduce you to others interested in the same time of lifestyle!

It Can Be Used For Branding

A friend of mine got a license plate to promote her home-based aesthetician business with the plate JHBEAUTY. Another great idea would be 4WHEEL for a company like 4 Wheel Parts.

The idea is simple, and lots of people think it won’t do anything for you. But I know first hand that it causes everyday people to stop and stare just a moment longer!

That’s cheap advertising.

How Much Does A Jeep License Plate Cost?

The cost of a vanity plate varies from state to state. The most common range is 0-80 dollars but some states are more expensive like California which charges $98 for all vanity plates. Texas chargers for each extra character, making it more expensive to get a custom plate!

The Best Jeep Vanity Plate Ideas

Now that you have read about speciality plates and are considering spicing up your ride, let’s look at some Jeep license plate ideas.

A Cause That You Believe In

A common theme I see with people having special plates that describe something they beat. A good one is FKCANCER. The meaning is obvious and is something that gets others cheering for them! Your plate shows off just as well as any decal or sticker on your Jeep!

Your Nickname

Maybe you have a nickname you go by and want to represent! When I was a kid a friend of mine owned the nickname Waldo and when he got older he made his license plate say WALDO.

He often got stopped in parking lots by people saying they found him!

Another friend of mine owned her nickname on her plate. Her plate was BITCH. She loved it and got a ton of comments on it all the time!

Something About Off-roading

A really good idea for an offroad plate is ROCKCLMB or maybe you want something fun like 4X4X4X4. There are SO many ideas to choose from, now you need to pick one that suits you

A Funny License Plate

I see plenty of silly plates around all the time! A few funny license plate ideas are URNEXT, IAMLATE, or something like 321 BYEE. Everyone has a different sense of humor and the best ideas often strike you on the spot!

How To Make Sure It’s Available

Just remember, there are millions of people that drive cars in the United States. If you are thinking up a great license plate idea, make sure to check the DVM. There are just a few steps to get there.

1.) Log Into The DMV Site

2.) Select the State you are registered or registering in (you might need to put in your zip code)

3.) Navigate to the special license plate page

4.) Search the plate you want to make (some plates are only available to specific people)

5.) Order it if it is available!

Do Custom License Plates Make it Hard To Sell Your Jeep?

Custom license plates may add lots of character to your Jeep in your eyes. But the potential buyer might see your plate as corny or just stupid hah!

That is okay!

The plate is registered to you and can simply just be taken off when you sell your Jeep without any hassle! There should be no reason for your plate to make it hard to sell your ride!

Before We Part

Now you know what your next Jeep investment will cost you and how to make sure you can pick out the plate that you want! Your Jeep is going to be more recognizable than ever!

Now that you have the person riding your ass’s attention, you should check out the 5 Best Jeep Roll Bar Covers to deck out your ride even more!

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