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best jeep LED headlights

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With all the advances in headlights these days it can be tough to figure out what the best option is for you and your Jeep. Your baby deserves the best of the best, so I decided to share the best LED headlights for Jeeps in 2022.

I’ve been driving and modifying Jeeps for a while now and have met some very impressive Jeep enthusiasts who have been around the brand for a long time! They have passed much of their knowledge on to me, which has helped me figure out what was best for my rides.

The absolute best LED headlights for a Jeep Wrangler JK are the JW Speaker LED Headlights. They add a bad ass look to your Jeep while also providing very crisp and powerful lights that are street legal.

Not all of you are running a JK, so that’s why I have options for more than just what I like best. Check out the best LED options for the different Jeep models and discover what your newest modification is going to be below!

Compare My Top 3 Picks Below....

For Jeep Wrangler JL 2018+
2. 9'' Inch Round LED Headlights
2. 9'' Inch Round LED Headlights
  • Waterproof
  • Plug & Play
  • Easy to adjust
  • Great for off-roading
  • Long-Lasting
Best Overall
1. JW Speaker LED Headlights
1. JW Speaker LED Headlights
  • Dual Burn high & beam optics 
  • Plug & play installation
  • No anti-flicker harness required
  • DOT & Transport Canada compliant 
  • Improved beam pattern
For Jeep Gladiator
3. ORACLE Projector Headlights
3. ORACLE Projector Headlights
  • Easy to set up
  • Choose from 3 colors
  • Crisp cut off
  • Video instructions online
  • Halo ring design

7 Best LED Headlight For Jeeps

1. JW Speaker LED Dual Burn Headlights (Best Overall)

JW Speaker LED Headlights
9.9/10 Our Score
  • Super high quality
  • DOT Approved
  • Quick Installation Process
  • Super Bright Lights & Great Beam Pattern
  • Equipped with Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
  • Carbon Fiber Blacked Out Housing
  • Expensive
  • Long Warranty Process


JW Speaker makes the best led headlights for owners of a Jeep wrangler JK! High quality headlights backed by extensive research!

Jeep Wrangler owners across the states have been raving about these Jeep JK LED headlights and I can understand why! Providing a super bright light that does not flicker, the strongest low beam and high beam lights that are backed by a 5 year warranty that provides a longer lifetime for your headlights!

These obviously have their dot certification and are road legal. And you can’t argue with the quality!

These headlights provide more light than the average headlight and outperform other brands like the osram chips led headlights.

Not all led headlights are created equally and many led headlights on the market can not even compare their light brightness and beam patterns to the JW Speaker lights.

There are videos on youtube showing the contrast in visibility at night that Jeep Wrangler owners need to check out before making a purchase!

The installation process is very simple and took no time at all!

To turn on the daytime running lights you need to enable them in your settings on the Uconnect screen in your Jeep.

The blacked out housing gives a badass look to your rig that is made from high quality carbon fiber material, ensuring it will be safe and protected long into the future!

Taking all of this into account, these are the best of all the headlight options for a Jeep wrangler JK that you can find. Check these LED headlights out and let me know what you think!

2. GXENOGO 9” LED Headlights (Best For Jeep Wrangler JL 2018+)

9'' Inch Round LED Headlights
9.7/10 Our Score
  • DOT Approved
  • Plug & Play
  • Easily Adjustable Headlights
  • Doesn’t Blind On-coming traffic
  • Waterproof Lamps
  • Sturdy for Off-Road Use
  • Not as stylish as other housings
  • Not budget-friendly


GXENOGO is the next big brand in LED lighting for Jeeps. They deliver a knockout product and great customer service!

With the JL models going to a 9” bezel, we needed to look for a new Allstar LED headlight brand. These GXENOGO have only been around for a couple of years and I can tell you, they are kick-ass!

Once the factory headlamps are removed, these ones are able to plug into the factory harness and install just as easily as the OEM ones! I love plug-and-play mods, it allows the average person to make modifications to their vehicle without hassle!

With these lamps being DOT-approved, there are no issues with them being too bright and can be used for everyday use! No one wants to mess up the opposing traffic by blinding them, and these lamps have a sharp cut-off line and pattern that will not blind oncoming traffic!

The low beams are powered at 3000LM each and the high beams are at 4500LM.

If you need to make any adjustments to the angle of your lights (maybe you have bigger tires or a lift) it is really simple to change. Simply rotate the screw on the back of the headlight to change the beam angle!

And what we all like to use our rigs for… Offroading! These lamps are waterproofed and do a great job keeping any moisture or condensation out of the lenses with multiple rebreather valves to whisk away that moisture.

Similar Product: DFRG 9 Inch LED Headlight

3. Oracle Lighting Bi-Led Projector Headlights (Best For Jeep Gladiator)

ORACLE Bi-LED Projector Headlights
9.5/10 Our Score
  • Halo Ring Light Design
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • Three Headlight Bezel Color Options
  • Adds Daytime Running Lights to Gladiator
  • Crisp Cut Off
  • Video Installation Instructions Online
  • Not the most affordable
  • Some QC Issues With Product


These LED headlights by Oracle are top notch, providing an incredible projector lighting option for the New Jeep Gladiators with an great halo ring look!

The new Jeep Gladiators have become the next great Jeep product to fully customize and create a very distinguishable look!

The factory halogen lights just didn’t cut it and had me look for a great led headlight replacement option that also looked cool. Halo ring lights have a unique aesthetic that I love and combined with the projector lighting I was instantly sold on the Oracles!

The installation instructions were straight forward and mostly plug and play with a few minor wiring changes made to allow the daytime running lights to function properly. If you need more than just the included instructions, look up the Oracle videos where they show a step by step install.

The low beam and high beam lights are very bright, providing a crisp cut off that makes it very easy to distinguish things at night. No matter what the weather conditions are I have clear, bright lights that give me great visibility.

Oracle has created some of the best Jeep headlight options out there and these provide the performance we would expect from a more expensive headlight. If you are on the fence and not sure whether you should give them a try, trust me, these headlights will blow you away!

4. LX Light 7” Round Black LED Headlight (Best OEM Replacement Headlights)

LX-LIGHT 7'' LED Headlight
9.3/10 Our Score
  • Compatible with Jeep Wranglers (1976 to 2019)
  • DOT Approved
  • Plug & Play (Includes H4 and H13 Adaptors)
  • Brighter Than Competitors
  • Over 80000 hours life span
  • Durable Die-Cast Aluminum Housing
  • Headlamps Fog Up
  • Some Models Might Need Modifications

LX-Lights are of phenomenal quality and trusted by thousands! They work great and can fit on most Jeep Wrangler models up to 2017!

I used these lights for my 2014 Jeep JK headlights. My installation was fairly quick, only taking about 30-40 minutes. The included adaptors made the swap from my factory lamps a cinch, which was my biggest concern when I considered replacing them.

These lights are DOT approved, which means they are street legal and have been tested to ensure your and other drivers’ safety. I found these lights to be very bright and had no issues seeing anything when driving in the dark. These LEDs are rated at 3200LM for the low beams and 4500LM for the high beams.

I read a few headlights reviews of others having issues with their lamps fogging up but I have not had any issues myself, and I have had them installed for a few years now.

Likely it was an installation issue, and if it was something wrong with the product, LX Lights are awesome to deal with and will be able to help you out!

These are certainly some of the best Jeep Wrangler LED headlights that you will find that can fit on such a wide range of models. Consider the LX Lights as an affordable OEM replacement light!

5. Sunpie RGBW Halo LED Lights (Best for Customized Colors )

SUNPIE Halo LED Headlights
9.2/10 Our Score
  • Change Headlights to ANY Color
  • Brighter than Factory Headlights
  • Cool Halo Ring Light Design
  • Downloadable App to Change Lights on Your Phone
  • H4 and H13 Adaptors Provided
  • One Year Warranty
  • Terrible Instructions
  • Requires modification for different models

Sunpie delivers great customizable LED headlights for Jeep Wranglers from the years 1976-2018! These remote controlled LED lights are a unique add on for your Jeep!

Are you looking for a budget-friendly led headlight option that enables you to have a cool color? Then the Sunpie LED headlights are a a great option for you to consider!

They have increased brightness with 4500LM high beam bulbs and 3200LM low beam bulbs, allowing for better visibility than your stock halogen lights. They require some modification for a few of the models but so does anything that says it fits a different models over the course of 40 years!

These Jeep headlights are cost effective vs some of the other large name brands available. They also provide a full year warranty to ensure you don’t get a pair of lemon bulbs.

The RGBW is very easy to change by using the provided remote or by quickly downloading the app on your phone to control it. They change on the fly and continue to be very bright (although I would recommend turning the color back to white if you plan on doing any serious night driving).

Give these Sunpie color changing headlights a chance, and surprise everyone with the rave setting when you roll up for a party!

6. Sealight H13 Headlight Bulb (Best LED Replacement Bulb)

SEALIGHT H13/9008 LED Bulbs
9/10 Our Score
  • Quick and Easy to Install
  • Cost Effective
  • Compact Fanless Design
  • 50,000 Hour Lifespan
  • Very Bright Lights
  • DOT Approved
  • May need Canbus Decoder
  • Same Factory Look

Sealight has a great OEM replacement bulb that will switch you from Halogen to LED in no time!

If you are not looking to change out the bezels but want to have led headlights, then the Sealight replacement bulbs are a perfect fit for you. They are a high performance dual bulb that provides a 6500LM light.

They are very cost effective, coming in as a more budget-friendly alternative than some of the led headlights on my list; while ranking as one of the great jeep wrangler led headlights.

Installation is simply popping the factory bulbs out and installing the new ones. If you run into issues with the Jeep computer not accepting the new bulbs, you will need to use a Canbus decoder to bypass the issue the Uconnect system is red flagging.

With a 50000 hour life span these led headlights provide great quality performance as well as being long lasting, lowering your cost of maintenance and saving money for even bigger modifications like a cool roof rack!

Similar Product: Firehawk H13 LED Bulbs

7. WHDZ 7" Round LED Headlights (Best For TJ/CJ Models)

WHDZ 7 Inch Round Led Headlight
8.9/10 Our Score
  • Affordable
  • Great for older models
  • Shock-Proof Housing for Offroading
  • No Modification Installation
  • DOT Approved
  • Blacked Out Housing
  • Can't Adjust High beam and low beams separately
  • Lights Flicker without Anti-Flicker Kit

WHDZ headlights provide a clean and crisp bright light that provides long distance visibility for older Jeep Wrangler models!

Got one of the Best Jeep Wrangler models – The TJ? I love those old machines, they are amazing to ride in and to modify. They truly hold the classic Jeep look and these blacked out headlights do not take away from it at all!

They are a great affordable LED option for someone working on an old Jeep that wants better headlight than the factory ones from 20+ years ago! These headlights are also very durable and will handle any offroad tomfoolery that you throw at them!

The install was very easy; just follow the instructions given and you wont need to modify any part of your Jeep!

One of the shortcomings I found was that I couldn’t adjust the high beam and the low beam bulbs separately. However, I notice the high beam sits just slightly higher than the low beam, so I adjusted with that in mind.

How To Choose The Best Jeep LED Headlights

Consider The Material

Depending on the type of punishment you typically put your Jeep Wrangler through, it’s important to consider what kind of material you want your bezel made of.

If you are offroading I would choose a die-cast aluminum housing. For normal day to day driving, it matters less.

Ease Of Installation

Many of the LED headlight kits for Jeep Wranglers provide adapters for both the old and newer models to make the electrical connection easy. Simply follow the instructions sent with the kits and the installs will be very simple.

There may be some small modifications that need to be made on older models, and some rewiring on the more complex lights.

Brightness Level

The brightest LED headlights range from 5000-6000LM. When they are brighter than this, they are hazardous to other drivers. Look for a set of headlights in this range for a bright and crisp cutline.

Color Selection

6000k is the preferred OE color for any forward light source. Most LED options range in between 5700-6200k, which are all acceptable.


Do not settle for an LED headlight that doesn’t last at least 30,000 hours. All the headlights on our list have a life span of 50,000 hours or more.


What are the brightest headlights for a Jeep?

The brightest headlights for a Jeep would be the JW Speaker LEDs.

Are LED lights worth it For A Jeep Wrangler?

Absolutely! LED headlights provide better visibility and last up to 16x longer than the factory halogen headlights.

LED Headlights VS Halogen Headlights: What's The Difference?

LED headlights provide up to 300% brighter light than Halogen lights. They consume less energy and last up to 16x longer, while providing more instantaneous light that is bright white.

Halogen headlights require time to burn and get to their maximum brightness, while producing lots of heat that will melt of snow/ice from the headlamps. They have a much shorter lifespan and provide a yellow light.

Summing It Up

There are a ton of different options out there for Jeep wrangler LED headlights, but I have definitely narrowed it down to the top 7 options available!

Based on the brightness, ease of install, quality and user ratings the JW Speakers are the best overall Jeep LED headlights on the market for your Jeep Wrangler JK!

Let me know what you think of the options out there in the comments below!

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