5 Best Tires For Jeep Liberty (For All Terrain Types)

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So you’re still driving a Jeep that stopped being produced over 10 years ago? I commend you! 

Jeeps are one of the longest-lasting vehicles that money can buy and you being here is proving that point!

Maintaining your Jeep consistently is paramount to it lasting for a long time which is why you are here researching what the best tires for your Jeep Liberty are!

The best overall tires that I can recommend to you are the Michelin Premier LTX All-Seasons, they provide excellent 4-season handling and last longer than most of the other tires competing with them!

I have compiled a list below that includes the best of each type of tire you can put on your Liberty, a description for each of the types, and then some answers to the frequently asked questions I get about Jeep Liberties!

And once you are done finding the right tires for your ride, these are the most eye-catching Jeep rims that will help your Jeep stand out!

The 3 Best Jeep Liberty Tires (Quick Comparison Table)

Best All-Terrain
2. Falken WildPeak
2. Falken WildPeak
  • 3D Canyon Sipe Technology
  • Increased Tread Depth
  • Better Winter Traction Than All-Seasons
  • Sizes for All Liberty Rim Sizes
  • 65k Mileage Warranty
Best Overall
1. Michelin Premier LTX
1. Michelin Premier LTX
  • Designed for Year-Round Driving
  • Innovative Rain Grooves
  • Michelin Evergrip Technologies
  • 60,000 Mile Treadwear Warranty
  • Self-Locking Sipes 
Best Highway Tires
3. Michelin Defender LTX
3. Michelin Defender LTX
  • Fuel Efficient & Eco Friendly
  • 70K Mile Treadwear Warranty
  • Long Lasting
  • Exceptional Grip
  • Strong 4-Ply Tires

7 Best Jeep Liberty Tires

1. Michelin Premier LTX All-Seasons (Best Overall)

Michelin Premier LTX All-Seasons
9.9/10 Our Score
  • Designed for Year-Round Driving
  • Innovative Rain Grooves
  • Michelin Evergrip Technologies
  • 60,000 Mile Treadwear Warranty
  • Self-Locking Sipes
  • Low Road Noise
  • Need to Rotate Tires for Even Wear
  • Higher Cost for Premium Tires

The Michelin LTX tires are the best all-season tires available for the Liberty, proving excellent handling all year long!

If you are driving a Jeep Liberty 10 years after their last release, then you know just how great of a ride they are!

Fitting in as a small-mid size SUV they can handle a decent load and boast excellent off-road handling!

You are likely looking for two things at this point; increased Jeep tire longevity and the ability to cut down on your Jeep tire cost.

The Michelin Premier LTX all-seasons are a great blend of getting a long-lasting tire (60,000+ miles) with quality handling!

These tires utilize the Michelin Evergrip Technologies that ensure excellent traction over the life of the tire!

From innovative rain grooves to prevent slippage and hydroplaning to self-locking sipes to improve traction on the snow and ice during the freezing parts of the year, the LTXs are excellent for year-round driving!

These are the best tires I can recommend for the Liberties since they are great all year round, and since they provide such a quality driving experience I can justify the price for a premium ride!

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2. Falken WildPeak A/T Trail (Best All-Terrain)

Falken WildPeak A/T Trail
9.8/10 Our Score
  • 3D Canyon Sipe Technology
  • Increased Tread Depth
  • Better Winter Traction Than All-Seasons
  • Sizes Available for All Liberty Rim Sizes
  • 65k Mileage Warranty
  • Great in On and Off-Road Conditions
  • Heavier Tires That May Reduce Economy
  • Not For Constant Off-Road Use

The Falken WildPeaks are for the Weekend Warrior that wants great off-road traction and daily driving capabilities

If you are an off-road enthusiast that needs their rig to be in-town friendly (as if!) and still be able to handle the off-road track then these tires are the right pick for you!

Now, these aren’t necessarily the best mud tires for your Liberty! But they will work in a pinch!

The 3D canyon sipe technology means that these tires have better winter traction than all-season tires. That’s right! They will have better handling than the LTX tires we were just looking at.

They are a little heavier though, so your fuel economy might drop as a result of that!

Another boost to their traction is the increased tread depth compared to the highway and all-season model tires.

Another plus is that regardless of the size of rim you have (stock wheels are 17” or 18” depending on trim level) they make these tires fit all sizes!

Worried about how long they will last? These tires come with a 65k Mile Warranty to ensure the longevity that you require!

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3. Michelin Defender LTX (Best Highway Tires)

Michelin Defender LTX
9.7/10 Our Score
  • Fuel Efficient & Eco Friendly
  • 70K Mile Treadwear Warranty
  • More Longevity than Competitors
  • Reduced Chance of Hydroplaning
  • Strong 4-Ply Tires
  • Better On-Road Traction
  • Not for Off-Road Use
  • Increased Road Noise

The Michelin Defender LTX tires provide superb on-road handling for highway driving and keep your fuel economy in check!

Many of us do long commutes to work each day and require tires that can put on 5-6 years’ worth of miles while keeping us safe on the road.

These tires do exactly that!

The Michelin Evertread Compound provides a longer-lasting tire than many of the other brands of tires out there.

And Michelin backs their tires up with a 70k mile warranty to ensure you are satisfied with how long they last!

If you do lots of highway driving, then fuel economy is likely at the top of your priority list when it comes to tires.

The Defenders are lighter than traditional all-seasons which makes them fuel efficient and economy-focused

On top of having a long lifespan, these tires also boast exceptional grip on wet roads reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

This is an extremely important factor when deciding on a tire for highway use.

The improved on-road traction these tires provide is immediately noticeable once installed and will have you equipping these tires on all the vehicles in your home!

These tires are also quite impressive when equipped as your Grand Cherokee tires as well!

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4. Ironman All Country M/T (Best Mud Tires)

Ironman All Country M/T
9.6/10 Our Score
  • Puncture Resistant
  • Large Shoulder Blocks
  • Protects Against Cuts
  • Badass Aggressive Look
  • Ultimate Offroading Tires
  • Provides a Smooth Ride
  • Reduced Fuel Economy
  • Requires a Lift Kit to Fit

The Ironman All Country turns your Liberty into an Offroad machine! They will make your Jeep look aggressive and cool!

Two things I want to clear up fast!

Mud tires are not necessarily your best Jeep snow tires, look at those tires for a better snow option, and M/T tires are also not the best tires for sand.

Check out those two guides for my most recommended tires for those applications!

The Iron All Country mud tires will transform your Liberty (once lifted!) into an off-road machine just like its favorite cousin the Jeep Wrangler.

With the badass aggressive look that comes with the deep and aggressive treads on mud tires.

These are the ultimate offroading tires, providing excellent traction and control in the bogs and on the off-road track many 4x4ing enthusiasts find themselves in on the weekends (hell yeah!). 

While these tires are much bigger and improve handling offroad, the on-road driving experience stays quite smooth although it admittedly has more road noise from these tires.

These tires are 10-ply thick, making them puncture resistant which is something you will want when you hit the trail full of surprises!

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5. Vredestein Quadtrac Pro (Best Touring Tires)

Vredestein Quadtrac Pro
9.5/10 Our Score
  • Puncture Resistant
  • Large Shoulder Blocks
  • Protects Against Cuts
  • Badass Aggressive Look
  • Ultimate Offroading Tires
  • Provides a Smooth Ride
  • Reduced Fuel Economy
  • Requires a Lift Kit to Fit

The Quadtrac Pro tires feature a luxurious ride that is quiet and comfortable!

There is usually a bit of confusion on what the difference is between performance tires and touring tires.

Touring tires typically have better traction for driving in all four seasons compared to performance tires which are geared towards perfect driving conditions on a track!

Vredestein makes an excellent quality tire, and the Quadtrac Pro tires are no joke!

They come with the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake label meaning they are rated for severe snow conditions

This makes them viable for driving in all seasons, except for the harshest winters that really require a studded winter tire for increased traction!

They also handle excellently in wet conditions, combine that with the lack of road noise and that makes these tires perfect for highway driving!

With these on you will have improved handling over your OEM tires and will have nothing to worry about so long as you stick to pavement!

Put these babies on and replace your aluminum stock rims with something a bit flashier and your Liberty will be standing out in no time!

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6. Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 (Best Performance)

Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Increased Traction And Handling
  • Low-Profile Design
  • Performance-Tuned Tread Compound
  • Improved Braking Performance
  • Luxuriously Smooth Ride
  • Usable in Light Snow Conditions
  • Loses Traction As Tire Wears
  • Weak 2-Ply Sidewall

The ExtremeContacts come from Germany with sleek low-profile designs to make your Jeep Liberty stand out from the competition!

Looking for a sleek low profile design? These german tires are an excellent choice for you then!

Put these tires on a set of 20” rims and your Liberty will be rolling like a Cadillac!

Continental has made these tires with their performance-tuned all-season tread compound similar to Michelin, with increased traction and handling for all your in-town and highway driving needs!

The ride is luxuriously smooth and makes the factory tires seem like junk in comparison.

Granted at this point, you shouldn’t be rocking the factory tires anyways!

These performance tires are grippy enough to be used in a light snowfall, but once the S is worn off the DWS, they aren’t recommended for snow use!

Outside of them being a very comfortable ride, the improved tread design is also key in the increased braking performance that comes with these tires!

Appreciated by luxury car owners, these tires will make your Liberty stand out from the average Jeep owner and give you the performance necessary for safe driving!

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7. General Altimax Arctic 12 (Best Winter Tire)

General Altimax Arctic 12
9.3/10 Our Score
  • Tires are Studdable
  • Increased Traction
  • Improved High-Speed Durability
  • Has three-Mountain Peak Snowflake
  • Fits All Wheel Sizes on Liberty
  • Aggressive Treads Look Cool
  • Not For Summer Conditions
  • Lack of Treadwear Warranty

The General Altimax Tires are top of the line in winter driving performance! Drive with ease next time the snow falls!

All-season tires are pretty good for most of the year, but in parts of the country where the snow falls thick and heavy, you need tires that are geared towards handling it!

The General Altimax tires are the perfect winter tire with a strategic tread pattern for increased traction.

They are also studdable tires which give you the option to increase their performance instead of having to spend the extra right away. 

That is key if you aren’t sure whether your Jeep will need the extra help or not!

Of course, these tires are branded with the Three-Mountain Peak Snowflake which represents tires that are rated for wintertime driving. 

Not all the tires are this list are capable of fitting on any rim size, but General has made them available on all sizes for the Jeep Liberty! 

Consider getting an extra set of rims to go with these so that they are easy to swap in and out with your summer tires!

Or even get some heavier rims to replace your OEM wheels (your stock rims are worth money!) to give an even bigger traction boost!

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Choose The Best Jeep Liberty Tires: A Quick Breakdown

Types Of Tires Compared

Highway TiresMud TiresAll-Terrain TiresTouring Tires

Highway Tires

These tires are excellent for anyone that does a lot of highway driving, like a daily commute to work, etc.

They are generally more affordable than the other types of tires and provide great traction on pavement.

Don’t use these for any kind of offroad use and I recommend pairing them with a set of winter tires!

The lower cost and solid traction make these tires quite plain and won’t stand out next to other vehicles.

Mud Tires

These tires are used for offroad rigs, and I don’t typically recommend them for general everyday driving.

They wear quicker on pavement and are usually more expensive than a typical all-season or highway tire.

They look cool and are usually sold in larger tire sizes, 33” is usually on the smaller side.

They have more road noise and reduce your fuel economy because of how heavy they are!

All-Terrain Tires

A/T tires are a blend of mud tires and all-season tires, providing the best of both worlds.

They are a good option for driving on all year while having an aggressive enough tread to do some weekend warrior trail riding.

This is my recommended type of tire for the Jeep Liberty since it covers the best of both worlds.

Good on snow, ice, mud, and pavement while maintaining a smooth ride.

These tires will be more expensive than all seasons for a good set, but less expensive than M/T tires.

Touring Tires

These tires are what I like to call a luxury all-season or highway tire.

They typically are made with a low profile and are seen on luxury vehicles.

Most touring tires boast improved handling and a smoother ride over stock tires.

They will be more expensive than your typical all-season tire is, but if you can afford them they are well worth the price!

I would pair these tires with a set of winter tires to extend their life and get the best driving conditions possible.


What Kind of Tires Does A Jeep Liberty Have?

A Jeep Liberty comes with All-Season tires from the manufacturer but can use all kinds of tires.

Will Jeep Wrangler Rims Fit On A Jeep Liberty?

Jeep Wranglers have a wide variety of rim sizes just like Jeep Liberty. Use tirerack.com to check if your Jeep Wrangler rims will work or not!

What Lug Pattern Is A Jeep Liberty?

The Jeep Liberty Lug Pattern is 5×4.5”

How To Ensure Your Tires Last A Long Time: Maintenance & Care Tips

Have The Correct Tire Pressure

Check the sticker on the inside of your driver’s door. It will indicate the recommended tire pressure.

…most Liberties will have a recommended pressure of 33PSI front and rear.

Before you climb into your vehicle to drive each day, take a moment to walk around your vehicle and ensure there isn’t any deflation happening in your tires!

Tread Wear

To maximize your tire tread life, rotate your tire whenever you are doing an oil change on your Jeep.

Over time the tread will wear, slightly impacting the traction and braking performance of your tires.

Also, try to keep your tires on their intended surfaces to keep wear to a minimum.

Mud tires for example will wear much faster on pavement than they will on gravel or another offroad surface.

Clean (And Protect!) Your Tires

It’s important to keep your tires clean to prevent brake dust and other potentially harmful materials from causing harm to your tires. This preventative maintenance will save you from getting flat tires and will allow you to keep a realistic view of how much wear and tear your tires are experiencing. 

Tire protectant sprays can also protect your tires from the elements, and slow the aging that occurs when in direct sunlight.

By doing this, you will get the best possible return on your tire investment!


There are a lot of great tires available to use on the Jeep Liberty and although it can be hard to decide on just one, I would recommend the Michelin Premier LTX All-Season tires.

These tires perform really well all year round, will last for 5+ years for an average driver and are very affordable to replace once they are worn out! 

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