5 Best Jeep Cherokee Lift Kits (From Best To Worst)

best jeep cherokee lift kit

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Everyone talks about getting a Jeep Wrangler to mess around with and go offroading, but after being in the 4×4 scene I have seen some really cool Jeep Cherokee builds.

These rigs usually look like mini monster trucks and I LOVE them for it! 

There aren’t too many options out there for the newer Cherokee models, but the best Jeep Cherokee lift kit I can recommend for a little extra clearance and a cleaner look is the Rough Country 2” Leveling Kit.

It’s simple to install and gives your daily driver the extra flair that Jeep owners love!

The older XJ models are much easier to modify than the newer Cherokees, so I also cover the best Cherokee lift kits for all models from their inception in 1974 to the newest and greatest in 2022.

My Top 3 Jeep Cherokee Lift Kits In 2022

Best 3.5” Lift
2. Skyjacker 3.5” Lift Kit
2. Skyjacker 3.5” Lift Kit
  • Huge clearance gain
  • Fits the Cherokee SJ (74-83)
  • Selective 3.5” to 4” Lift
  • Includes front & rear leaf springs
  • Ultimate Off-road Lift Kit
Best Overall
1. Rough Country 2” Leveling Kit
1. Rough Country 2” Leveling Kit
  • Improved Ground Clearance
  • Maintains Smooth Factory Like Ride
  • Levels the Front and Rear
  • Easy Installation Instructions
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
For 1999 Cherokee
3. Waverspeed 3” Leveling Kit
3. Waverspeed 3” Leveling Kit
  • Reduces Rake Stance Of Vehicle
  • Installation Ready
  • Gain 3” lift without replacing OEM parts
  • Maintains comfortable ride
  • Fits Jeep Cherokee XJ Models

5 Best Jeep Cherokee Lift Kits (From Best To Worst)

1. Rough Country 2” Leveling Kit (Best Overall)

Rough Country 2” Leveling Kit
9.9/10 Our Score
  • Improved Ground Clearance
  • Maintains Smooth Factory Like Ride
  • Levels the Front and Rear
  • Easy Installation Instructions
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Improves Overall Look of the Cherokee
  • Some Quality Control Issues
  • Not a true 2” increase

This Leveling Kit keeps the smooth factory ride while adding just enough clearance for the added off-road capability!

I love Rough Country lift kits, so of course, I looked into what they have to offer on the Cherokees.

This leveling kit is a perfect blend of improved ground clearance and maintaining the smooth factory-like ride that you expect from the Cherokees!

It proves that lift kits don’t need to break the bank and can still get a high-quality lift kit that a well-known company stands behind.

While not being a ‘true’ lift kit, the Rough Country leveling kit improves the clearance slightly (not quite a true 2” like the kit says) and levels the front with the rear, giving it an even appearance. 

It should only take a couple of hours with their easy-to-follow installation instructions. 

On top of having incredible reviews and a very helpful RC support staff, the leveling kit is backed by the Rough Country limited lifetime warranty.

If you have any trouble installing the kit or a part fails prematurely these guys have you covered!

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2. Skyjacker 3.5” Full Lift Kit Cherokee SJ (Best 3.5” Lift)

Skyjacker 3.5” Full Lift Kit
9.7/10 Our Score
  • Huge clearance gain
  • Fits the Cherokee SJ (74-83)
  • Selective 3.5” to 4” Lift
  • Includes front & rear leaf springs
  • Replaces the OEM shocks with Performance Shocks
  • Ultimate Off-road Lift Kit
  • Expensive Kit
  • May Require Modifications for Earlier Models

Skyjacker brings a huge performance upgrade for the original Jeep Cherokee Models!

Whether you have read about my favorite Gladiator lift kits or not, you should know that I am very impressed with Skyjacker lift kits.

They are one of the few that focuses on the taller lift kits for off-roading purposes and are a stand-out company! 

This 3.5” full lift kit is no different from the others, giving a huge clearance gain that makes this the ultimate off-road lift kit for the old SJ Jeep Cherokee models!

It is possible to get up to a total of 4” of lift with this lift kit, but I prefer sitting at the 3.5” range. Going past 3.5” makes the Cherokee look a little funny in my opinion.

Front and rear leaf springs are added to the Jeep and the OEM shocks are replaced with M95 Performance shocks!

The 1974-75 models may require some modifications to make the kit fit properly, but aside from those two years the rest of the kit is mostly a bolt-on upgrade! 

3. Waverspeed 3” Leveling Kit (For 1999 Cherokee)

Waverspeed 3” Leveling Kit
9.6/10 Our Score
  • Reduces Rake Stance Of Vehicle
  • Installation Ready
  • No need to replace OEM parts
  • Maintains factory comfortable ride
  • Fits Jeep Cherokee XJ Models
  • Can Run Tires 2” Bigger than factory size (29”)
  • Doesn’t Fit On Models With Welded Bump Stops
  • No Instructions Included

Gains plenty of added ground clearance without replacing factory parts!

Looking for a lift kit on your 99’ Cherokee that doesn’t require replacing the factory springs?

This is the kit for you then! While not coming with installation instructions (like one of my favorite Renegade lift kits) it does include all of the components needed to do the installation.

These components include front spacers and rear shackle brackets that reduce the rake stance of your Jeep while gaining a huge 3” lift without replacing any of the major suspension components

While admiring the added lift, it is possible to run 2” bigger tires giving even more clearance than what the kit boasts!

With the spacers and shackle brackets in place, it still feels like you are riding the comfortable stock vehicle with added clearance.

This isn’t something all suspension lift kits can boast for the Cherokees. 

Make sure to check if you have welded bump stops on your XJ, if it does have them, then unfortunately this kit will not work for you. Other than that, it will fit all the XJ models from 83-01.

4. Supreme Suspensions 3” Full Lift Kit (3” Lift For XJ)

Supreme Suspensions 3” Lift Kit
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Easy 2-4 Hour Installation Process
  • Uses Aftermarket MAX Shocks
  • Levels Out Front & Rear
  • Increased Ground Clearance
  • Improved Off-Road Performance
  • Fits Larger Sized Tires
  • Rear Brackets Need Alteration
  • Doesn’t Fit Models W/ Welded Bump Stops

Provides killer performance for the daily commuter and weekend warrior!

Supreme makes one of the highest quality Cherokee lift kits on the market and that’s why I needed to check them out for my list.

This 3” lift can also be ordered as a 2” front and 2” rear instead.

With the added 3” of lift in the front, it will level out with the back of the Jeep, making it have a tall even stance!

With the increase in ground clearance, we can put larger tires on this rig (most other kits struggle to make this possible!) giving your Jeep Cherokee a strong and aggressive look. 

To achieve this added boost, the kit replaces the factory shocks with aftermarket MAX shocks to improve the off-road and on-road performance of the vehicle.

With the upgrades, your Cherokee will ride as smooth if not smoother than the factory ride.

It takes on average 2-4 hours to install the kit and turn your Jeep into a mean machine to hit the mud bogs with! Once installed make sure to get a wheel alignment done on your vehicle to ensure it is driving true!

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5. Bilstein 2” Add-A-Leaf Lift Kit (Best For Wide Tires)

Bilstein 2” Add-A-Leaf Lift Kit
9.1/10 Our Score
  • Widens Track Width
  • Aftermarket Bilstein Shocks Front & Rear
  • Easy Installation Instructions
  • Fastest Lift Kit To Install
  • Spacers Constructed from Delrin
  • Increases Cherokee Towing Capacity
  • Doesn’t work with welded bump stops
  • Requires Alignment After Installation

Beef up your Cherokee with this quick-to-install lift kit. Increased towing capacity and handling!

The 2” Bilstein add-a-leaf kit is likely the best on the list for off-road handling and application.

The wider track allowing for wider rims/tires gives the Cherokee better handling in slippery and rough conditions. 

The spacers are made from a high crystalline composite called Delrin, making them very strong and durable making them the perfect material to beat up with off-road driving.

The Bilstein shocks replace both the front and rear OEM shocks, giving it a beefier suspension to handle more stress. 

The leaf springs that are added provide a slight boost to towing capacity (not that you will be towing anything too large with this Jeep).

…and these components are incredibly quick and easy to install onto your rig, making it a quick swap for easy off-road handling gains. 

Lifting your jeep has benefits and downsides; the benefits of having better ground clearance and handling while the downside is that you never want to stop altering your Jeep!

Make sure to get an alignment after you are done installing the kit to ensure everything is right and proper!

Lift Kits For Your Jeep Cherokee: Things To Consider

Your Warranty

Any time you alter the OEM parts on a vehicle, you have the possibility of voiding your warranty.

Some dealerships may be willing to maintain your warranty so long as they install the parts for you.

…otherwise, you will be relying on the manufacturer warranty with whatever kit you install.

Lift Height

The larger the lift, the more clearance and larger tires you can put on. If you are looking to do some serious off-roading this is the route I recommend.

If you are just looking for an even stance and a little more clearance, then a small leveling kit is what you should install.

Type Of Lift Kit

There are three main lift kit styles: spacer kits, leveling kits, and suspension lifts.

The first two options are mostly for getting a small amount of lift for bigger tires and an improved look. The suspension lifts are for improving your off-road capabilities.


The spacer and leveling kits are fairly simple to install by yourself.

They require fewer tools and a smaller time commitment.

I would recommend getting a professional to install your suspension lift kit, to ensure everything is installed correctly and not going to mess up your powertrain. 

Getting someone else to install a kit can cost a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars depending on how labor-intensive the process is.


How High Should I Lift My XJ?

If you are looking for off-road capability, 3”+ is what I would recommend.

This allows space for bigger tires and better shocks, etc. Any other application I would stick to a 1.5-2.5” leveling kit.

How Much Does A Jeep Cherokee Lift Kit Cost?

Lift kits range from $100-$2000 for the Jeep Cherokees.

Why Do You Need To Lift An XJ?

Lifting an old Jeep is awesome! They look cooler and have more off-roading capabilities when lifted!


Jeep Cherokee’s, especially that XJ models look awesome when they are lifted.

…and do does a Jeep Liberty.

If you have a new Jeep Cherokee I highly recommend getting the Rough Country 2” Leveling Kit for that added clearance and badass look!

Make sure to book a wheel alignment any time you alter your suspension components on any vehicle that you are working on!

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